Volunteers (Still) Needed for Jazz in the Meadows

Jazz in the Meadows is on Saturday, February 23. Over sixty jazz bands from schools across the nation will gather at Rolling Meadows High School to compete and entertain with over a hundred performances. We need lots of volunteers for such a large event. There’s a huge variety of tasks that need to be done to support the students, the school, the judges, the performers, and the audience.

Please sign up to volunteer for Jazz in the Meadows. We can’t manage this excellent event without you. Parents, students, relatives, friends … everyone’s welcome and encouraged to volunteer. Please use the sign-up button near the bottom of the Volunteer page.

Do you like the outdoors? Direct traffic.
Do you like food? Sell refreshments.
Do you like Microsoft Excel (and who doesn’t)? Tally scores.
Do you like talking? Announce bands.
Do you like entertaining? Provide hospitality.
Do you like fashion? Sell T-shirts.
Do you like maps? Give directions.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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    1. Laura will be in touch with you. You should get a reminder tomorrow at the e-mail address you used to sign up.

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