Marching Mustangs Theme T-shirts

Update: This offer has ended—for this year. It will probably be available again in May 2011.

If you’d like to order Marching Mustangs theme T-shirts, please complete this form by Saturday, October 9, at 10AM.

From Mr. Buti:

As many of you have noticed at the competitions, many of the other bands have sold their respective theme T-shirts to the parents and families of their marching band members. Since we have had requests from our families, we would like to do the same. Therefore, we are offering our THEME T-SHIRTS to any family members who would like to purchase them!

The T-shirts are 100% cotton and cost $15 each. Please make out checks to RMHS MUSIC BOOSTERS. If you would like any shirts, I can get an order together and back right away! Simply fill out the form by this Saturday, October 9, at 10AM and I will place an order.

I will have the shirts before the end of next week. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the shirts, as well as the show itself. You should be, as we are, very proud of the Marching Mustangs!!

Please direct any questions to Chris Buti.