Marching Mustangs Sandwich Schedule

We have the schedule for the Sandwich competition. I’ve updated the times for the various activities on VolunteerSpot. If you already signed up, you should’ve received an e-mail earlier today. If you haven’t, please check out the sign-up on the Volunteer page for what help we still need.

Sunday, October 16
Sandwich High School
720 South Wells Street
Sandwich, IL 60548

You can download the detailed schedule and see a map below.

Marching Mustangs Sandwich Schedule

Before the day of the competition, make sure you have everything prepared: black socks, gloves, marching shoes, theme T-shirt, uniform pants correctly hemmed.

8:00 AM Doors to band room open
8:15 AM Practice begins ON TIME in theme T-shirts, black socks, and marching shoes
10:00 AM Practice ends. Eat a light snack that you brought or use vending machines—clean up after yourselves!
10:15 AM Finish loading buses & truck—make sure you have ALL uniform parts, instrument, equipment, etc.
10:30 AM Leave for Sandwich High School
12:00 PM Arrive at Sandwich High School
12:15 PM Change into uniform and unload buses and truck
12:30 PM Warm up
1:00 PM Leave for parade lineup
1:10 PM Perform in parade (It’s a very short parade!)
1:30 PM Please change out of uniform so you don’t get food stains on it. Ensure your uniform is on a hanger either hanging from a window or over your seat.
1:45 PM You can either bring a sack lunch or buy food at the concession stand. You may go watch other bands perform their field show from the back stands (see download), eat food you brought or use the concession stand, relax, study, etc. You may not leave the Sandwich campus at any time. The Field Competition starts at 3:15 PM. You may want to take advantage of this opportunity to watch other bands and write up a concert credit. You need to write up a minimum of three bands for one concert credit.
4:20 PM Change back into uniform
4:40 PM Go to warmup area
4:45 PM Warm up
5:20 PM Leave for performance field
5:45 PM Perform our show “FIRE AND ICE”
6:00 PM Change out of uniforms and load buses and truck
6:15 PM Return to stadium to watch other bands
7:25 PM Drum majors assemble (in full uniform) for awards ceremony
7:30 PM Awards Ceremony (drum majors only in front—everyone else on the field)
8:00 PM Leave for RMHS
9:30 PM Arrive back at RMHS and put away all equipment and uniforms. (You don’t have to unload the truck since we will be leaving first thing Monday morning for our grade school tour.)

There aren’t many restaurants in Sandwich. One recommendation is Capri Italiano Restaurante. (There’s a bookmark on the map. Zoom out to see it.)

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