Marching Mustangs Sandwich Competition

We’re on to our final Marching Band competition on Sunday, October 17 (this coming weekend) at Sandwich High School.

Note: Be sure to notify Ken Soens if you plan to help out (so that we don’t have two people do one and not another).

We need the following purchased and dropped off outside the band room at 10AM on Sunday. (Keep the receipt and we’ll reimburse you.)

  • One parent to purchase 6 bags of ice. (Thank you, Reese family)
  • One parent to purchase 5 cases (120 bottles) of water. (Thank you, Vinopal family)

We also need a little help with preparation and getting equipment loaded. Please arrive at 10AM to help.

  • Ice down water.
  • Get cooler out of our storage.
  • Load up water.
  • Locate first-aid kit.
  • Get large cooler.
  • Get towels for MM members.
  • Load large rolling cart on truck first.
  • 4-5 parents to load the equipment on the truck on Sunday at the school before the band leaves.
  • 4-5 parents to help unload equipment at Sandwich High School (arrive at 12PM or follow buses to competition to meet our truck).

(We will not unload the truck upon our return because of the Grade School Tour the next day.)

Please notify Ken Soens at your earliest convenience so he can get an idea of who’s helping. The more the merrier, but I need to have the minimum. It’s also good to have parents hanging around for support and monitoring as well. Wear your Music Boosters shirts (if you have one) or school colors to show support at this competition.

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