Jazz in the Meadows Tomorrow

This is it! Jazz in the Meadows is tomorrow, Saturday, February 25. Tonight, students, staff, and parents will help to set up the school for the hundreds of musicians and attendees coming to RMHS for a day of jazz. We look forward to hosting everyone for an enjoyable day of music.

Check out the Jazz in the Meadows page (there on the left) for details on the day’s events: performances, clinics, jam sessions, the noontime concert, and the grand finale. The page has a schedule, a map of the school, ticket information, the T-shirt design, and directions to the school.

Remember, even if your music student doesn’t participate in one of the jazz bands, the funds the Music Boosters raise at this event help every student in the music program, from orchestra to marching band, from color guard to pep band—everyone. So, if you find yourself home alone tonight with nothing on TV, swing by the school and help out for 30 minutes, an hour, whatever. If you don’t plan to see every performance tomorrow, you can visit the Volunteer page (there on the left) and click the Jazz in the Meadows sign-up button. Enter your e-mail address, find an open spot at a time you’re available, and sign up. RMHS and the Music Boosters really appreciate it—Jazz in the Meadows couldn’t happen without your support.