The RMHS Music Boosters have been fortunate enough to have a long history of wonderful board members. The current Music Boosters members thank each and every one of them for their contributions to the Rolling Meadows High School music program.

School Year President Vice President Treasurer Secretary
2016-17 Mat Krawczyk Tracy McMahon, Tom Toussaint Mary Fava Jane Ure
2015-2016 Mat Krawczyk Tracy McMahon Mary Fava Jane Ure
2014-2015 Mat Krawczyk vacant Mary Fava Jane Ure
2013-2014 Mat Krawczyk Laura Pike Sharon Rueger Jane Ure
2012-2013 Kim Keuter Laura Pike Sharon Rueger Jane Ure
2011-2012 Kim Keuter Laura Pike Sharon Rueger Bruce Allgire
2010-2011 Ken Soens Kim Keuter Sharon Rueger Ann Burns
2009-2010 Ken Soens Jean Harraman Sharon Rueger Ann Burns
2008-2009 Melissa Micari,
Ken Soens
Jean Harraman Michael Doruff Ann Burns
2007-2008 Diane Zawada,
Melissa Micari
Ken Soens,
Jean Harraman
Linda King Nancy Odon
2006-2007 Nancy Odon,
Diane Zawada
Sharon Chuboff,
Jean Harraman
Linda King Lynn Szabo
2005-2006 Judy Pozdol,
Nancy Odon
Sharon Chuboff,
Sara Lewandowski
Linda King Lynn Szabo
2004-2005 Ann Marie Tarczon,
Judy Pozdol
Anna Budzinski,
Sara Lewandowski
Christy Prikkel Cheri Althoff
2003-2004 Judy Pozdol,
Ann Marie Tarczon
Sue Batey,
Anna Budzinski
Christy Prikkel Cheri Althoff
2002-2003 Mary Reising,
Judy Pozdol
Anna Budzinski,
Sue Batey
Ann Marie Tarczon Cheri Althoff
2001-2002 Cindy Schindler,
Mary Reising
2000-2001 Anne Marie Tarczon,
Cindy Schindler
1999-2000 Nancy Eberhardt,
Ann Marie Tarczon
1998-1999 Barbara Johnson,
Mariane Leanes,
Nancy Eberhardt
1997-1998 Deborah Banach,
Anne Gorman
1996-1997 Deborah Banach,
Anne Gorman
1995-1996 Mary Sharpe
1994-1995 Mary Sharpe
1993-1994 Karma & Lowell Johnson
1992-1993 Tom Perles
1991-1992 Tom Perles
1990-1991 Don Olson
1989-1990 Don Olson
1988-1989 Ross Spencer
1987-1988 Ross Spencer
1986-1987 Gordon Matz
1985-1986 Gordon Matz
1984-1985 Ed Prochaska
1983-1984 Ed Prochaska
1982-1983 Elizabeth Armstrong
1981-1982 Gayle Huffman
1980-1981 Elizabeth Armstrong
1979-1980 Elizabeth Armstrong
1978-1979 Marie Duffy
1977-1978 Marie Duffy
1976-1977 Robert Lentz
1975-1976 Robert Lentz
1974-1975 Grant Vevang
1973-1974 Grant Vevang
1972-1973 Ray Paez
1971-1972 Ray Paez

I’d like to fill in the rest of the positions, so if anyone has any other information, please let me know.

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