Garage Sale Information

This year’s garage sale will be held on Saturday, September 10, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (rain or shine) in the Rolling Meadows High School front parking lot.


Families that wish to participate need to register with the chairperson a minimum of one week prior to the event to ensure that there is adequate space allotted for each seller. Those who show up on the day of the event without prior registration do so at their own risk.

To sign up or obtain further information, please contact Paul Bourke at:

847-785-1195 H
847-980-1450 C


The RMHS Music Boosters will advertise the sale in local newspapers, on community message boards, and will post directional signs at major street intersections. There is no need for individual sellers to advertise their sale, but feel free to talk up our combined sale to friends and family.

Arrival and Departure Times

Sellers should plan on arriving by 8 AM to allow adequate time to set up merchandise displays and be prepared for the inevitable early birds. Please do not leave before 2 PM so that we don’t have vehicles driving through the aisles when lots of customers are around.

Space Allotment

Each seller is given a minimum of two parking spaces with which to display and sell their merchandise. Additional spaces will be assigned if requested. Seller vehicles cannot be parked within the designated sale area.

What to Bring

Tables to display your merchandise on, lawn chairs to sit on, bags and newspaper to wrap and pack merchandise in, plenty of small change, dollar bills and a secure box to hold the money in, beverages, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, tape, scissors, and pen & paper. If there is a chance of rain, bring tarps or dropcloths to cover tables. Most of all—bring a fun attitude!

Utilities and Facilities

No electricity or running water will be available for seller use. We don’t know yet if RMHS will be open for restroom use.


RMHS Music Booster volunteers will be on-site to assist with traffic flow and operational issues and will be able to contact Rolling Meadows police via cell phone. No security guards will be employed so each seller is responsible for the security of their merchandise and cash box.

Student Account Deposits

The student account representative will be on-site to accept deposits of funds raised by each family. Each family will receive a written receipt of all funds deposited in their student’s account.


Each seller is responsible for cleaning up their sale area. Do not leave any unsold merchandise in the parking lot and please clean up any litter that you see.

Merchandise Donations

The RMHS Music Boosters believe in being green as well as purple. Sellers should consider reusing or recycling any unsold merchandise from the sale. There are several charitable agencies and thrift stores in the area that will take unsold merchandise, including Clearbrook, which is about one-half mile east of RMHS (in the strip mall on the southwest corner of Central and Wilke Roads).


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