Congratulations to the Class of 2012

From Mr. Buti:

Congratulations to the senior class of 2012 on their graduation! You will all be missed.

In addition, congratulations to the following music students who earned Senior Medallions:

English MaryClare Zimmermann
Physical Science Thomas McKenna
Wildstang Robotics Michael McKenna
Drama Performance Connor Gooding
Drama Technical Brian Suchocki
Journalism Michael McKenna
Music: Choral Connor Gooding
Music: Instrumental Christina Crusius
Music: Orchestral Melissa Priller
Richard Calisch Fine Arts Award Connor Gooding

Special Award: Lindsay Habinak Memorial Scholarhip

Jeramie Okoh

Highest Honors

Jessie Bingaman
Christina Crusius
Connor Gooding
Michael McKenna
Thomas McKenna
Melissa Priller
Kelley Sarussi
Eric Ure

High Honors

Scott Johntson
Alyssa Merges
Ashley Miller
Aimee Oda
Colleen Quaas
Michael Stec
Aleksander Tucker
MaryClare Zimmermann

Graduation Speaker

MaryClare Zimmermann

Graduation Performance

Melissa Priller
Colleen Quaas