Cheesecake Fundraiser Starts Tuesday (Oct 25)

The annual cheesecake fundraiser starts Tuesday, October 25. Samples will be available at the Fall Concert, Sunday, October 23, and at Band-O-Rama, Wednesday, October 26. There are two separate due dates and pick-up dates, listed below and on the Music Boosters calendar. Each cheesecake sold earns $5.50 for the student’s account, which may be used for any music-related expenses or future trips (Toronto!).

Gourmet’s Delight cheesecakes are extremely popular. “The cheesecakes are handmade from the highest quality, freshest ingredients.” There are 13 flavors plus the Variety cheesecake, which consists of seven different flavors, two slices of each. Each cheesecake weighs about four pounds and is pre-cut into 14 slices. The cheesecakes are best kept frozen and may be refrozen after thawing more than once. (Your student will receive a brochure about the cheesecakes on Tuesday or Wednesday, whenever they have band or choir.)

Orders Due Pick-up
Thursday, Nov 10 (12 PM) Monday, Nov 21 (6:30-8 PM)
Thursday, Dec 1 (12 PM) Monday, Dec 12 (6:30-8 PM)

Two order forms are available, one for each sale date. Note that the order forms are marked with the sale and delivery dates. Be sure to print your name and phone number on each order sheet. Make checks payable to RMHS Music Boosters and payment is due with the order forms (not at pick-up). Bring the completed orders and payment to your director or the Music Department.

Cheesecake brochure

Cheesecake order form (November)

Cheesecake order form (December)

If you have any questions, please contact Karina Corradi.