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Parent Help Needed at March 22 Orchestra Concert

The RMHS orchestras will perform in concert at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, March 22, in the Theater.  Please consider helping with ticket sales, setting up refreshments for after the concert or collecting the musicians’ tuxedos and dresses when the evening ends.

You can volunteer for the Orchestra Concert here:

Sign Up!

Thank you in advance for your help,

—The RMHS Music Boosters

March 13 Concert Band Festival Hospitality

This Tuesday’s Concert Band Festival needs hospitality help

Come hear the Concert Bands of Elk Grove, Prospect & Rolling Meadows high schools as they share music at the annual District 214 Concert Band Festival.

This free concert begins at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 13, in the RMHS Theater, and we will need a few volunteers to make the evening complete as we host guests from across the southern half of District 214.  Volunteers will set and clean up a refreshment table and help store the RMHS musicians’ tuxedos and dresses at the concert’s completion.  Check out the opportunities at the SignUpGenius link below and help out wherever you can.

Sign Up!

— The RMHS Music Boosters

LAST CALL for Jazz in the Meadows Volunteers

Bus Greeters, Band Ambassadors,
Emcees & Info Office Help Still Needed

There has been an incredible response to our many requests for help and we are so grateful for all of your generosity.  We now have only 16 spots yet to be filled, and that is AMAZING!!

For those who have not signed up yet, PLEASE consider doing so now.  The links below will take you to the sign-up tabs that still have open jobs:

If you have any questions about a particular position, please contact Tom Toussaint, our Volunteer Coordinator, at

It is hoped that an adult from each band, orchestra and color guard family will be able to volunteer for at least 2 hours for Jazz in the Meadows.

Thank you so much and see you Saturday at Jazz in the Meadows!

— The RMHS Music Boosters

Getting Sick of Hearing from Us?
Then Sign Up TODAY!!

We are highlighting TWO Featured Volunteer Needs today.  Check these and almost 40 other positions still available and sign up wherever and whenever you can help at Jazz in the Meadows this Saturday, Feb. 24.

Featured Volunteer Need: Bus Greeters

Sign Up!

Top 5 reasons to be a Bus Greeter:

  1. You are the first face Jazz in the Meadows guests meet at the festival, and they’ll be so excited to see you.  People will think you’re important, because you are!

  2. Large buses and vans will head in whatever direction you send them because you will wield power in our very busy parking lot.

  3. Fresh air is good for you, and warm weather – a high of 40° and mostly sunny – looks to be the forecast for Saturday.  Come and catch some “pre-spring” rays as you greet our guests and get their buses to the right place at the right time!

  4. You get to wear a really cool neon safety vest.

  5. Volunteers get in free to the Grand Finale Concert to enjoy the amazing East Hubbard Jazz Orchestra.

Featured Volunteer Need: Door Monitors

Sign Up!

Top 5 reasons to be a Door Monitor:

  1. You don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to: Door Monitors hold up signs to help silence noisy crowds outside the performance rooms.

  2. You are the gatekeeper for your performance room: No one goes in or out of your room unless you say so.  People will think you’re important, because you are.

  3. You get to wear a snazzy purple JITM Staff shirt!

  4. Volunteers get in free to the Grand Finale Concert to enjoy the amazing East Hubbard Jazz Orchestra.

  5. All of the proceeds raised benefit the music program directly, and your directors and students will be forever grateful.

Many thanks,
— The RMHS Music Boosters

45 Volunteer Spots Still Open for Jazz in the Meadows

We offer a hearty thanks to the many parents and friends who have already volunteered to help at the 2018 Jazz in the Meadows this Saturday, Feb. 24.

The funds raised at the festival directly support the RMHS Bands’ & Orchestras’ many programs and activities, including the spending stipend given to the students on the Orlando trip.  Nothing we do is possible without the dedicated support that all of our volunteers give.

With only 6 days until Jazz in the Meadows, we still have about 45 open volunteer positions that need to be filled.  It is never too late to help out – please consider the featured position below and sign up where you are able.

Featured Volunteer Need:
Band Ambassadors

Sign Up!

Top 5 reasons to work as a Band Ambassador:

  1. You are the Key Master – you will hold the keys to every classroom in RMHS.  You will be wildly popular and people will think you’re very important, because you are.

  2. Counting your steps?  You will meet – and most likely exceed – your step goal for the day.  Enjoy getting fit while volunteering!

  3. You will get to know where the wings and halls are at RMHS better than you ever have before, which means you will never get lost at an Open House again!

  4. You get to wear our snazzy purple JITM Staff T-shirt and a neon armband so everyone will know that you are the person to see.

  5. Volunteers get in free to the Grand Finale Concert to enjoy the amazing East Hubbard Jazz Orchestra.

Many thanks,
— The RMHS Music Boosters

ANNOUNCING: Jazz in the Meadows needs Announcers/Emcees!

Time to sign up to be an Emcee!

With Jazz in the Meadows now just 1 week away, we now begin the begging-and-pleading phase of the volunteer sign-up process, and right now what we need most are volunteers to Emcee in each of the 8 jazz-performance rooms.

Let’s look at what’s in it for you as a volunteer Emcee:

Today’s Featured Volunteer Need: Emcees

Sign Up!

Top 5 reasons to Emcee:

  1. You get to listen to amazing jazz during your shift.  And in a front-row seat!

  2. We give you a complete script which means that if you can read, you can do this job!

  3. This job is SO important that it is the only position that offers a training session the night before.  On Friday, February 23, at  7 p.m., all Emcees are invited to attend a 1-hour training at RMHS where we will walk through every step of the Emcee job.  Who knows?  There might even be a snack or two served.

  4. Speaking of food, any Emcee who volunteers to announce for the entire day (two 4-hour shifts) will be served a catered lunch just like the judges receive.  Who doesn’t want to be treated like a judge?  They’re practically royalty…

  5. You may dress up if you want to – we invite our Emcees to look great in front of the audience.  People will think you’re important, because you are.

Please sign up if you haven’t done so already and consider filling one of the essential spots we still have open.  If you can spare a few more hours that day, please join us for an extra shift.

Many thanks,
— The RMHS Music Boosters

Help Still Needed for Symphonic Band Festival Tonight!

Please consider helping set up or clean up hospitality tonight as we host the symphonic bands from Prospect and Elk Grove high schools at the annual Symphonic Band Festival.

We still need several volunteers and want to put on a great spread for our guests.  You can sign up here:

Sign Up!

And don’t forget to sign up for Jazz in the Meadows here:

Sign Up!

Many thanks for all you do,

— The RMHS Music Boosters