ANNOUNCING: Jazz in the Meadows needs Announcers/Emcees!

Time to sign up to be an Emcee!

With Jazz in the Meadows now just 1 week away, we now begin the begging-and-pleading phase of the volunteer sign-up process, and right now what we need most are volunteers to Emcee in each of the 8 jazz-performance rooms.

Let’s look at what’s in it for you as a volunteer Emcee:

Today’s Featured Volunteer Need: Emcees

Sign Up!

Top 5 reasons to Emcee:

  1. You get to listen to amazing jazz during your shift.  And in a front-row seat!

  2. We give you a complete script which means that if you can read, you can do this job!

  3. This job is SO important that it is the only position that offers a training session the night before.  On Friday, February 23, at  7 p.m., all Emcees are invited to attend a 1-hour training at RMHS where we will walk through every step of the Emcee job.  Who knows?  There might even be a snack or two served.

  4. Speaking of food, any Emcee who volunteers to announce for the entire day (two 4-hour shifts) will be served a catered lunch just like the judges receive.  Who doesn’t want to be treated like a judge?  They’re practically royalty…

  5. You may dress up if you want to – we invite our Emcees to look great in front of the audience.  People will think you’re important, because you are.

Please sign up if you haven’t done so already and consider filling one of the essential spots we still have open.  If you can spare a few more hours that day, please join us for an extra shift.

Many thanks,
— The RMHS Music Boosters