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This is an overview of this Web site, the information it contains, and how to get the most out of it.


This Web site is targeted at students in the RMHS music program, their parents, and anyone else who wants to help the music program. The RMHS music program includes:

  • Concert Orchestra
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Concert Band
  • Symphonic Band
  • Marching Band
  • Color Guard
  • Jazz Band
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Pep Band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Winter Color Guard
  • Winter Drum Line


You’ll find a lot of useful material on the Web site. If you can’t find it in the menus or pages, please try the Search box and also let me know so I can improve the site.

  • Schedules of and maps to concerts, parades, performances, and competitions
  • Information and sign-ups for volunteering to help the music department
  • Information about fundraisers to support the music department
  • Spring break trip itineraries
  • Calendar of band events and Music Booster events
  • List of upcoming events on both calendars
  • Pictures of events
  • Videos of concerts and performances
  • Store where you can buy items to support the music department

First Steps

The Web site is arranged into three columns. The left-most and right-most columns contain panels that provide links to other pages on the site, features (such as calendar events), actions you can do (such as subscribe or register), links to other sites, etc. The panels may be slightly re-arranged from what’s described here (for example, to highlight certain selections, such as sponsors, posts, Facebook), so if you don’t see what you’re looking for right away, be sure to check both the left and right columns.

Read the Music Boosters page to get an idea of how the boosters support the RMHS music program. We meet only once a month and dues are only $15.

Use the Updates panel (usually on the left side) and subscribe to get an e-mail notice when there’s a new post. Your e-mail address is kept private, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Notice the Events panel (usually on the right side) that has a list of upcoming events from the director’s calendar and the Music Boosters calendar.

Peruse the links in top menu bar and the Information panel. They link to pages in this Web site that have more information, such as details about the committees that need help and how to volunteer, including the e-mail addresses of people to contact.

You can comment on posts, get notifications, and be part of the conversation by clicking the “Leave a Comment” link below any post. You can, optionally, log in using your Facebook.com, Twitter.com, or WordPress.com login credentials. (Alternatively, you can create an account on this site by using the Register link in the Web Site panel.)

Visit the Volunteer page to find out how to volunteer to help the music department. There are sign-ups available for upcoming events, and new posts published whenever a new one is ready.


The Music Boosters use VolunteerSpot.com to organize volunteers. This is a great site that lets you create activities that volunteers sign up to help with or bring supplies for. VolunteerSpot supports smartphones and will automatically format its Web page when you use your smartphone to click one of the sign-up links below. If you haven’t used VolunteerSpot before, they have a short introductory video on their site.

You volunteer by clicking a sign-up link on our Web site’s Volunteer page. That sends you to VolunteerSpot where you enter your e-mail address (twice). Then you’ll see a list of the things that need to be done or brought, and you can sign up for them. Be sure to click the big, red Confirm button when you’re done. If you want to sign up for a different activity, you must return to our Web site’s Volunteer page and click on another sign-up link.

Volunteers do not have to register on VolunteerSpot.com. The benefit of registering with VolunteerSpot.com (i.e., creating an account with them) is you can then see all of the activities you’ve volunteered for in a single list.

Please note that, for privacy reasons, you cannot see a list of all of the available Music Boosters volunteer activities on VolunteerSpot.com. That list is available only on our Web site’s Volunteer page.


The Music Boosters picture gallery is on Microsoft SkyDrive. This is where people can upload pictures of competitions, parades, concerts, picnics, and other events. If you’d like to upload your own pictures, please contact the Webmaster.


The Music Boosters video gallery is at youtube.com/rmhsmusicboosters. You’ll find videos of many performances, including marching band and color guard competitions, concerts, and performances.

If you’d like to contribute a video or would like a digital copy of any video, please contact the Webmaster.


fatcowWe’d like to thank FatCow.com for hosting our Web site, and for providing the icons that you see all over the site. Anyone can use them—they’re free—and FatCow is always adding new ones.

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