45 Volunteer Spots Still Open for Jazz in the Meadows

We offer a hearty thanks to the many parents and friends who have already volunteered to help at the 2018 Jazz in the Meadows this Saturday, Feb. 24.

The funds raised at the festival directly support the RMHS Bands’ & Orchestras’ many programs and activities, including the spending stipend given to the students on the Orlando trip.  Nothing we do is possible without the dedicated support that all of our volunteers give.

With only 6 days until Jazz in the Meadows, we still have about 45 open volunteer positions that need to be filled.  It is never too late to help out – please consider the featured position below and sign up where you are able.

Featured Volunteer Need:
Band Ambassadors

Sign Up!

Top 5 reasons to work as a Band Ambassador:

  1. You are the Key Master – you will hold the keys to every classroom in RMHS.  You will be wildly popular and people will think you’re very important, because you are.

  2. Counting your steps?  You will meet – and most likely exceed – your step goal for the day.  Enjoy getting fit while volunteering!

  3. You will get to know where the wings and halls are at RMHS better than you ever have before, which means you will never get lost at an Open House again!

  4. You get to wear our snazzy purple JITM Staff T-shirt and a neon armband so everyone will know that you are the person to see.

  5. Volunteers get in free to the Grand Finale Concert to enjoy the amazing East Hubbard Jazz Orchestra.

Many thanks,
— The RMHS Music Boosters