Webmaster Needed

www_pageI’m stepping down as webmaster after graduation (June 2013). Now that Jazz in the Meadows is over, it’s time to start searching for a successor. The RMHS Music Boosters need someone to manage the content of this Web site. Since we use WordPress to present the information, that means you need some basic Web-site skills and a willingness to learn.

It’s difficult for me to estimate how much of your time it might take. Before fundraisers and events, you will post schedules, announcements, or requests for volunteers. It can go days or weeks without anything to do, but then there will be a couple of days of activity. Fortunately, since I’ve done this for a few years, you can usually find a similar post from the previous year, copy it, upload new documents, change the dates and links, and publish it. (In fact, I’ve been doing exactly that for the past year.) My conservative estimate is that every event and fundraiser will require one to two hours of your time. You can scroll back over the past year’s posts and see how frequent they are.

The term of service is from June through May because you will support the Marching Mustangs summer practice and continue through graduation. It would be best if you could serve at least two years, but one is better than none.

This job can be spread among a few people: writing posts and editing pages can all be done by multiple authors. I plan to have a quick meeting at RMHS in March or April to go over details and answer questions so that you can make an informed decision. Even if you’re not sure but would consider it, please leave a comment below or e-mail me. You might also want to start coming to the monthly meetings to get an idea of what we do.

To be a successful Web-site author, you need the following:

  • Internet service and a computer (or live really close to the library)
  • Comfort with WordPress and its documentation
  • An account on this Web site (Sign up on the left side)
  • Comfort with Microsoft SkyDrive (for uploading documents and pictures)
  • Some comfort with the Microsoft OneNote Web app because I used it to create an agenda of events and what you will need to do for each
  • Some comfort with the Google calendar (if you want to put events on the calendar)
  • Comfort with YouTube (if you want to upload videos)
  • Some comfort with HTML (like this: <b>bold</b>)

It’s easy to experiment with these things to see what they’re like. You can create a free blog at WordPress.com and a free account at SkyDrive.com.