Volunteers Needed for Fittings

To prepare for the new school year, the students must be fitted for uniforms and tuxes or dresses. Since there are at least 80 members of the marching band and orchestra, we need some parent volunteers to help out every day during the next band camp (Monday, July 30 through Thursday, August 2).

Tasks include helping students try on uniforms and dress clothes to ensure they’re not too tight and they’re the correct length. With so many students, we need a few volunteers every day for each type of fitting. We could also really use your help if you can do minor sewing, such as hemming and sewing snaps back onto uniforms and maybe some tacking. (You can even take the work home, if you prefer.)

Please go to the Volunteer page and scroll down to the Uniform Fittings activity. Click the sign-up button to access the list of tasks and sign up for as many days as you can. The listed times are when fittings will be done, but you can come and help whenever it’s convenient for you within those hours. If we can fit 80 students in 12 hours, we won’t need to work on Thursday.

Please contact the Uniform Coordinator if you have any questions.