Volunteer for Garage Sale, Games, Competitions, and JITM

The Volunteer page now has sign-ups for all upcoming events. We need volunteers to bake cookies, manage security, handle sales, and many more. Please consider volunteering to help with cookies at next week’s football game. The garage sale is in a couple of weeks, and we still need someone to help out. Don’t be put off by the “Security” title—you won’t have to bounce anyone, just direct traffic and answer questions; you’ll be more of an usher.

While the hours for the competitions haven’t been finalized, you can still sign up for the various tasks. When the hours are set, I’ll update the sign-up and you’ll get an e-mail about the change.

Jazz in the Meadows is months away, but sign up early so that you can get the position and times you really want.

Thank you for all your help!