Toronto Trip Update

The Spring Break trip to Toronto is quickly approaching! The final payment is due on Monday, January 23. If you are not sure of the amount you still owe, you may check with Mr. Buti; he has a complete spreadsheet of all payments made.

Participating students will soon receive music from their directors. There will be rehearsals both during and outside of regular class times. Schedules are being put together and will be released soon.

You can download the most recent updates to the itinerary below. You will notice that many of the TBAs are being filled in with specific times and locations! Also included are the district forms and passport information that will be needed for the trip. This packet was given to the students before winter break. We still do not have everyone’s forms turned in. Please try to get those forms back to the directors before Tuesday, January 31. Thanks!

We hope that the students and parents are as excited about the trip as the directors are. We are sure that this travel experience will be very memorable for everyone involved!

Toronto trip proposal

Toronto trip forms