Music Boosters Facebook Page

We’re trying out using a Facebook page to notify people of the latest happenings on this site and to post pictures.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Is this easier than the mailing list? Easier than the gallery? Does everyone use Facebook? What about Twitter?

4 thoughts on “Music Boosters Facebook Page”

    1. Definitely not. This site (and its gallery and YouTube channel) will be the primary sources for the foreseeable future.

  1. Hi,
    Although I do have a Facebook page, I don’t visit it very often (can’t access it from work). I do not have a twitter account nor do I plan to get one. I would only suggest using Facebook and Twitter if you still plan to add this as an extra option (which seems like extra work for you). I do not think it should be a replacement, I think the current system works fine. Thanks for asking.

    1. I definitely won’t force people to get a Facebook page or Twitter account. Those would just be additional ways for people to get updates or to participate. The main site will always have ALL of the information–and ALWAYS be the most current. Its updates will drive the others, which will link back to the main site.

      Bottom line: if you want to stay on this site, you’ll have everything.

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