Garage Sale Update–No Volunteers Yet

Update: Thanks to you, we’re doing much better now. We’ve also changed from three three-hour blocks to nine one-hour blocks, so there are more opportunities to help out for shorter periods of time.

We have over three dozen families participating in the garage sale this year and we have no volunteers signed up to help the Garage Sale Committee manage the sale. If you could come by, even for a couple of hours, to help out that day, it would be a great help.

We need a few people at various times throughout the day to help direct traffic and answer people’s questions. It’s incredibly unlikely to be necessary, but you will also be able to contact Rolling Meadows police via cell phone, just in case a couple guys get into a fist fight over the vintage Tiffany lamp someone found in their basement and is selling for $1.50. (I still feel bad about that, but at least I got the lamp. Sorry, officers!)

Please sign-up to help at the garage sale.

Although the time blocks are three hours long, you don’t have to be there for all three hours—that’s just how we divided the day. Feel free to contact Paul to work out any schedule you prefer.

New Parking Arrangements for Sellers

RMHS will be busy that day, Saturday, September 10. In addition to the garage sale, RMHS will host a soccer match, a tennis match, and the ACT test. Parking will be at a premium so all sellers should park their vehicles behind RMHS after unloading them. This allows for adequate parking in front of the building for everyone, especially our customers.

Food Items for Sale

Several sellers have asked if they can sell food items at their booth in addition to their rummage items. Sellers are allowed to sell food items at their booth, such as drinks, snacks, home-baked goods, etc. No on-site cooking is allowed. We encourage all sellers to follow all food-safety precautions, including warnings for people who have nut allergies if you’re selling baked goods.

Restroom Facilities

RMHS will host the ACT test and two sport activities that day, so it will most likely be open a portion of the day for restroom use.