Some of the positions below still need to be filled. If you’d like to volunteer for one or more, please send an e-mail to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Executive Board

Director of Bands & Color Guard
Fine Arts Coordinator

Chris Buti
Director of Orchestras-crop-44-33-36px-'f'-as-in-'violin'-5865
Assistant Director of Bands

Kevin Carroll

Executive Committee

Mat Krawczyk (2012-18)
draw_cloneVice President
Tom Toussaint (2016-18)
Mary Fava (2014-18)
Recording Secretary
Evelyn Wills (2017-18)


These aren’t necessarily “committees” in the traditional sense. Many of these positions need only one or two people, so you’re likely to be a “committee of one.” If you prefer to lead a group, you may want to look into helping with Jazz in the Meadows.

Kevin Carroll (2015-18)
Volunteer Coordinator
Tom Toussaint (2016-18)
Music Boosters Store
Student Accounts
Kobra Hall (2017-18)
cards_bind_addressMusic Boosters Directory
Uniform Coordinator
Meg Sioui (2014-18) & Amy Carroll (2014-18) Fit students for marching band uniforms, tuxedos, and dresses. Send uniforms out to be cleaned and hang up again for the next year.
Tracy McMahon (2014-17)
Mat Krawczyk (2012-18)
Marching Band Summer Camp & Family Picnic
Karen Fitzsimmons (2016-17)
Color Guard Representative
Junior High Band Night
Julie Birenbaum (2016)


Butter Braid Sale
Cindy Bieda (2016-17)
Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Sale
Sharon Hernandez (2014-17)
Garage Sale
Cheesecake Sale
Manna Gift Card Sale
Monika Hemm (2013-16)
Yankee Candle Sale
Monika Hemm (2013-16)

Jazz in the Meadows

Christina Krawczyk (2014-17)
Sponsors & Ad Book
Mat Krawczyk & Tracy McMahon (2014-17)
Contact colleges, universities, and local businesses to advertise. Ask volunteers who work with vendors (e.g., Otis Spunkmeyer, Torricci’s, Plum Grove Cleaners, etc.) to see if they will sponsor.
Volunteer Coordinator
Tom Toussaint (2016-17)
Coordinate sign-ups with spreadsheet, make telephone calls, and send e-mails using music directory to ask for volunteers, e-mail updates to director and JITM chair. E-mail job descriptions to each volunteer before JITM and e-mail volunteer list to cafeteria, security, and registration committee chairs. During JITM, work with committee chairs to make sure things run smoothly. Busy time of year is second week of January until JITM.
Cafeteria & Concessions
Beth Chipchak (2014-17)
Tracy McMahon (2014-17)
Jeff Ure & Mat Krawczyk (2014-17)

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