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Volunteers Needed for Wheeling Competition

With our first Marching competition this weekend, we’ll need a little help this Saturday, September 25 for the Wheeling Marching Band Competition.

  1. Parents needed to help ice down water, get cooler out of our storage, load up water. Checklist includes:
    • Get cases of water from our storage unit at school
    • Locate first-aid kit
    • Large cooler
    • Towels for MM members
    • Large rolling cart
  2. 4-5 parents needed to load the equipment on the truck at 5:00pm Saturday.
  3. 4-5 parents needed to help unload equipment at Wheeling High School at 6:00pm (should arrive early to meet our truck).
  4. 4-5 parents needed at 10:45pm-11:00pm to unload truck and put everything away back at RMHS.

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