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Final Meeting, Volunteers for May and August

Hi all RMHS music parents,

This will be my final meeting as the RMHS Music Boosters president. I am stepping down after seven years of service to the Boosters, making way for new board members to bring their enthusiasm and refreshing ideas to the committee and staff. I have enjoyed every minute of involvement with all of the parents (including the students). The experience has been tremendous and I can’t thank everyone enough for all of your great support.

Our final meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 3 at 7:00 PM in the Teachers Lounge in the back part of the cafeteria. Since this is the final meeting of the year I am asking everyone who is involved in any early event in the late part of summer or fundraising event at the beginning of the fall 2011-2012 school year to attend this meeting. This is our last opportunity to all get together and to make sure we are all set and ready to hit the ground running in the fall. If you need help with any of these events, want to help or have questions I encourage you to attend. Next year is a trip year and we have to help the kids raise as much money as possible to offset costs.

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Monthly Boosters Meeting Tuesday

The monthly Music Boosters meeting is Tuesday night (April 5) at 7 PM in the Teachers Lounge (back of the cafeteria).

Any parent interested in learning more about the Boosters and volunteering should attend this meeting.
Discussion topics will include:

  • Nominating board members (Voting will be at the May meeting)
  • Establishing positions for next year
  • Prepare for Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades
  • Plan fall fundraisers (Butter Braid, Manna gift cards, etc.)
  • Status of garage sale, advertising, and Freshman-parent notification for the August band picnic

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Volunteers to Bake Cookies at Games

Lynn Larson needs cookie bakers during the upcoming basketball season when the Pep Band is playing.

The dates we need help for are:

December 10 (Friday) 5:30 to 9 PM
December 11 (Saturday) 7 to 9 PM
December 15 (Wednesday)
December 17 (Friday)
January 7 (Friday)
January 8 (Saturday)

January 15 (Saturday)
February 4 (Friday)
February 19 (Saturday)

If you are available to help, please call Lynn at home (847-392-4988) or on her cell (847-508-4988).

Music Boosters Meeting / Open Positions

We will meet on Tuesday, October 5th at 7:00PM in the Teachers Lounge (in the back of the cafeteria, follow the signs). In addition to our normal agenda We’re looking for some volunteer help. Some positions are simple and require minimal contribution while others may need a little more attention but we can’t function as an organization with so many vacancies.

The positions listed on the Volunteer page are currently open or need to be filled next year. Look them over and attend our meeting tomorrow night. Ideally, it would be great if you could shadow the current person responsible this year to understand the position and then take it over next year.


Thank You Volunteers

Just a quick note of “Thanks” to all of the wonderful parent volunteers who helped at the Marching competitions at Wheeling High School and at St. Rita’s. What a great group of parents! It really makes the day operate so smoothly when you have help throughout the day. Whether you chaperoned on a bus or loaded and unloaded equipment for the band, we certainly appreciate your time and effort. Our next and final competition is on Sunday October 17th at Sandwich High School in Sandwich, Illinois. An e-mail will come out soon asking for help again.

Volunteers Needed for St. Rita’s Competition

We’re on to St. Rita’s in Chicago on Sunday, October 3rd this coming weekend for our second competition where the Marching Mustangs are looking to capture their second title of the season.

St. Rita’s Marching Mustangs Schedule

St. Rita’s Competition Schedule

(If you did not receive an e-mail on Monday from the Music Boosters about this competition, you are not signed up for the newsletter. Use the form in the upper-right to subscribe.)

We’ll need a little help:

  • Parents needed to:
    • Get 8 bags of ice. (Keep the receipt and we’ll reimburse you.)
    • Help ice down water, get cooler out of our storage, load up water.
    • Get cases of water from our storage unit at school.
    • Locate first-aid kit.
    • Large cooler.
    • Towels for MM members.
    • Large rolling cart.
  • 4-5 parents needed to load the equipment on the truck at Sunday at the school before the band leaves.
  • 4-5 parents needed to help unload equipment at St. Rita’s High School (arrive early to meet our truck).
  • 4-5 parents needed at night when we return to unload truck and put everything away back at RMHS.

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