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Have you enjoyed the smell and taste of freshly baked cookies at the home Football games? Many of us do and we really need help this year in keeping that tradition alive.  If you love to bake, or organize people baking, or love to talk to people who love to bake, we could really use your help. The previous cookie baking chairperson left a great foundation that we need to continue to build on, but without some help, the cookie ovens will remain cold this year.

If you can help set up but not stay all night, let us know and we can work with you.   If you only have a few hours after work and can step in to help after things get rolling, great we need your help. Maybe you are only available to run to the store and pick up the cookie dough, that is OK because we can use that help also. If this opportunity is calling to you and sounds like this is a perfect fit to help volunteer with, we want to hear from you.

Please reach out to the Mr Buti, Mr Carroll, Mat Krawczyk or Tom Toussaint.

Our first home game is August 25th. Let’s keep the ovens hot this year!

Thank you
Mat Krawczyk,
2017/2017 RMHS Music Boosters President

Butter Braid Fundraiser – YUM!

Our 1st fundraiser opportunity of the year is here…ButterBraid! This is a chance for your child to earn some funds for their student account. Hopefully you were able to sample these delicious pastries at the family Band Camp Picnic. Students will get an order form from their directors and we have one below if you need an extra copy. The sale is on now thru Friday, September 15th when all orders and money are due to the directors. We cannot accept any orders after September 15th, so please mark your calendars. The product pick-up date is Monday, September 25th from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. The product is frozen, so please be sure to have this pick up date on your calendar as well, because we have no way to store frozen product. If you have any questions please contact Cindy Bieda at 847-632-0309  or

Manna & Butter Braid Pickup, Monday May 1st

Manna Gift Cards and Butter Braid orders are to be picked up on Monday, May 1st from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., in the north cafeteria. The Butter Braid product is frozen, so please be sure to have this date on your calendar, because we have no way to store frozen product.
If you have any questions regarding Butter Bread please contact Cindy Bieda at 847-736-5107, for Manna Gift Card questions please contact Mary DeMaria at 847-612-9733.

Butter Braid & Manna Orders Due

Please remember to turn in your Butter Braid and Manna Gift Card orders (and money) by  this Friday, April 21. Orders should be picked up on Monday, May 1, from 5 to 7 PM in the RMHS south cafeteria. If you have any questions or you’re unable to pick up your Butter Braid order, please contact Cindy Bieda at (847) 632-0309 or to make other arrangements since we don’t have facilities to store them.

Any questions about the Manna gift cards you can contact Mary DeMaria at (847) 612-9733 or or Monika Hemm at (847) 253-7609 or


Manna Gift Cards & Butter Braid Return!

Back by popular demand… Butter Braid & Manna Gift Cards! That’s right, we are running these 2 popular fundraisers again to help students earn some funds for their student accounts. Get a head start to raise money for the 2018 Spring Break Music Trip to Orlando, FL!

Earning potential is different for each Manna card. Every Butter Braid sold earns $5.20.

You can find both order forms below.  The sales run now thru April 20 (Manna) and April 21 (Butter Braid).  All forms and monies will be due to your director by 2pm on the assigned dates.  No late orders will be accepted. Orders will be available for pick-up on Monday, May 1, from 5-7 PM in the RMHS cafeteria. The product is frozen, so please be sure to have this pick up date on your calendar because we have no way to store frozen product.  

Any questions about the Manna gift cards you can contact Mary DeMaria at (847) 612-9733 or or Monika Hemm at (847) 253-7609 or

Any questions about Butter Braid you can contact Cindy Bieda at (847) 632-0309 or

  2017 Spring Manna Info

  2017 Spring Manna Form

  2017 Butter Braid Order Form

Yankee Candle is Back!

1093707Back for the new year, the Online Yankee Candle sale is going on now through June 16! Go to  and use the group code 990030892 to order. Students earn 40% on each order placed! Purchasers order and receive directly; no school pickup needed. Shop as often as you like; multiple orders will be credited to the student’s account managed by the RMHS Music Boosters. There’s even a Yankee Candle app. This is a great opportunity for long-distance friends and family to support all of your musical activities! Get a start on raising funds for the 2018 Spring Break Trip!

See the informational flyer below.

Yankee Candle RMHS Spring Online 2017

Cookie Sales at Basketball Games & Jazz in the Meadows Sign-Ups

Happy Sunday evening to all!

Thank you to all who have already signed up to help at at next month’s Jazz in the Meadows on February 25!  We still need more help there, so please consider where you might be able to volunteer that day and sign up at the button below.

In addition, we have two more Basketball Games – this Friday, Feb. 3 & Friday, Feb. 17 – where the RMHS Music Boosters will be baking and selling chocolate chip cookies as our ongoing fund-raiser.  Please consider signing up for a time slot during one of these last two nights of the 2016-17 Pep Band season!

Thank you for all you do to help promote our programs for the music students and have a great week!

Cookie Sales – Friday, February 3

Sign Up Now!

Cookie Sales – Friday, February 17

Sign Up Now!

Jazz in the Meadows – Saturday, February 25

Sign Up Now!