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4th of July Parades Schedule

In case you weren’t already looking forward to the three-day weekend, the parades are this Monday. See the bottom of this post for maps of the parade routes.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help. Your efforts are appreciated by everyone: students, parents, and staff. If you want to double-check your responsibilities or sign up for one of the few parade-walker positions left, click the big button below.
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Volunteers for July 4th Parades

Thank you very much for helping with the Memorial Day parade. We were a few volunteers short for that one, so we need more people to turn out for the two July 4 parades in Arlington Heights and Rolling Meadows.

We’re using VolunteerSpot to coordinate volunteers for the parade. It’s an on-line sign-up system that’s free (always a plus) and easy to use (most important!). All you need is your e-mail address (and your name would help, too).

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Memorial Day Parade Volunteer Positions Filled

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with the Memorial Day parades. We’ve filled all the volunteer positions.

If you’d still like to help, be prepared to respond to the request for volunteers to help with the July 4 parade. That should be posted in a couple of weeks or so. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list if you’d like an e-mail whenever there’s a new post on the Web site.

Parade Volunteers Needed

We need help for the following things for the Memorial Day parades. If you choose to pick up food or drinks, the Music Boosters will reimburse you. (Keep your receipts and submit the reimbursement form on the Volunteer page.)

Please e-mail Ken Soens to confirm your task. We will also have a sign-up sheet at the Spring Concert on Wednesday. First come, first served.

All items must be dropped off at RMHS the day of the parade at 7:30 AM on Saturday, May 28.

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Memorial Day Parade Schedule (Rolling Meadows)

The Marching Mustangs will perform in the Rolling Meadows Memorial Day parade on Saturday, May 28.

8:45 AM Doors to school and band room open
9:00 AM Warm-up and run-through of parade music/marching
10:00 AM Change into uniforms**
10:25 AM Load buses
10:30 AM Leave for parade site
10:35 AM Arrive at parade site to line up
11:00 AM Parade starts at fire station (Salute to America and cadence)
11:25 AM Parade ends at the Carillon Pavilion
11:30 AM Ceremony (National Anthem and Taps)
12:00 PM Load buses and go back to school
12:10 PM Return to RMHS and unload buses and put equipment/uniforms away

** For the parade, have your alternate uniform available. The alternate uniform would be the purple polo shirt, BLACK dress pants (NO CARGOS), black belt, black marching shoes and black socks. A decision will be made by Friday as to what we are wearing. This decision will be based upon the weather.

Even though we will work on it in class/practices, please work on memorizing your music or routines to SALUTE TO AMERICA and the CADENCES. (Copies of this music will be re-distributed soon.) This music/routine will be used for the July 4 parade and in the fall as well.

Christopher Buti, Director

Final Meeting, Volunteers for May and August

Hi all RMHS music parents,

This will be my final meeting as the RMHS Music Boosters president. I am stepping down after seven years of service to the Boosters, making way for new board members to bring their enthusiasm and refreshing ideas to the committee and staff. I have enjoyed every minute of involvement with all of the parents (including the students). The experience has been tremendous and I can’t thank everyone enough for all of your great support.

Our final meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 3 at 7:00 PM in the Teachers Lounge in the back part of the cafeteria. Since this is the final meeting of the year I am asking everyone who is involved in any early event in the late part of summer or fundraising event at the beginning of the fall 2011-2012 school year to attend this meeting. This is our last opportunity to all get together and to make sure we are all set and ready to hit the ground running in the fall. If you need help with any of these events, want to help or have questions I encourage you to attend. Next year is a trip year and we have to help the kids raise as much money as possible to offset costs.

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